Monday, November 29, 2010

How Can a Water Filter Save You Money?

A water filter can help save money in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and even on the family grocery bill. Filtered water can help with cleaning around the house, personal hygiene, and of course filtering drinking water. This article discusses the three ways it is possible to save money with a water filter connected to your household water system.

1. Stop Buying Bottled Water With a Water Filter

According to a 1982 General Accounting Office report, 20% of the nation's 65,000 community systems are unable to meet minimum standards set by the Safe Water Drinking Act. Whether a home’s tap water comes from wells, lakes, or rivers, it probably contains some level of contaminants. There are over 35,000 pesticides with over 600 compounds, yet municipalities have only been required to check for a fraction of them.

No wonder so many families buy bottled water; the quality of the current drinking water supply can be less than satisfactory. But even paying $1.00 per gallon at a grocery store, a family of four could still spend $2 a day, $10 per week, $520 per year on bottled water just to avoid contaminants.

Using a water filter to remove contaminants will not only help reduce waste associate with bottled water — less petroleum is needed to make the bottles and to transport the water; bottled water is a huge waste of resources — but it will reduce the amount of money spent on bottled water, whether at home or going out. For example, when leaving the house, just refill a reusable bottle from the water filter. This makes it possible to save money by not buying bottled water when running around town.

2. Use a Water Filter to Clean Your Kitchen and Bathroom Surfaces

A water filter can help reduce the need for chemical cleaners. To begin with, many cleaning products contain chemicals that damage the ecosystem, expose children to dangerous chemicals, and contaminate lakes, oceans, and groundwater.

Some water filters can produce highly alkaline water, also called “strong water,” which has a powerful cleaning effect. Many people use this strong water for food preparation, stain removal, and surface cleaning. Or one can program the machine to produce acidic water — water with a high acidic content — and use it to polish miscellaneous items, clean floors, remove stickiness from tiles and counters, as well as personal hygiene.

Some water filter systems can even ionize water by applying an electrical charge to the tap water. This ionized water then "breaks" the bond between germs and dirt on a surface, which makes it easier to wipe and clean. This means fewer cleaners are needed, which helps families spend less on cleaning products.

3. Use a Water Filter to Clean Your Skin

The previous paragraph just talked about how strong water can be used to clean the kitchen and bathroom, and how acidic water can be used for polishing, heavy cleaning, and even removing sticky residue. But that same acidic water can also serve as an astringent. An astringent works to constrict or shrink body tissue. Washing the face with acidic water can help to tone and firm the skin because of the astringent action.

And because some these filters also ionizes water — remember, ionized water breaks the bond between dirt and a surface — it will also help clean the dirt and oil on the face and skin. This will help keep skin beautiful and smooth, without leaving a soapy film on the face. By reducing the amount of expensive facial cleaning products, it is possible to also save money using a water filter.

A water filter can be a great money saver in a household when looking at all the different products and methods used for drinking, personal care, and cleaning around the house.

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